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all tied up

Okay, so yes, I'm in NYC, and YES you can get pretzels on every corner, but SOMETIMES I get a little.....skittish buying things from the little food carts on the streets. Which is strange, because I've eaten many questionable things in my lifetime.  And no, it's not a water dog, nor street meat, but still.  Either way...let's talk about PRETZELS! I love pretzels.  Maybe its the German in me.  Maybe it's the fact that I love mustard, and pretzels are one of the PRIME vehicles for mustard-eating. Don't get me started on mustard.  Maybe it's the giant chunks of salt on warm bread.  All of these things are amazing, let's be honest.  

A couple pretzel facts: Pretzels were probably invented by monks, who seem to have created and perfected a ton of delicious and amazing things (beers, cheese, fruit brandies), most of which involve long, often weird processes.  I suppose that's because they have a HELL of a lot of free time on their hands.  What makes pretze…

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