In The Holiday Spirit!

Take that Sandra Lee.
Nothing says "Christmas Time" more than a batch of my mother's FRUITCAKE COOKIES! She has been making them ever since she can remember, and I've definitely been eating them since before I can remember.  They are seriously addicting, and dangerous - thankfully they're only around on the holidays. And yes, I know, it's fruitcake.  How can someone make anything with the word "fruitcake" taste delicious and not leave you feeling like there's a ten pound cinder block in your stomach?! Mare Bear. That's how.  And beautifully unnaturally colored glaceed cherries in green and red.  Surrounded by candied pineapple (now home roasted sliced - and better!) and a chock full of chopped nuts.

On that note: one year, the cookies took a turn for the worse to become "healthier", completely removing these beautiful little cherries!! SACRILEGE!!!! Fortunately for my sanity and the aesthetics of the cookies, we were able to find some amazing (in taste and color) glaceed cherries from Kalustyan's that had no high fructose corn syrup in them whatsoever.  Saved! Phew.  Mom was nice enough to make me a big batch of fruitcake cookies after Thanksgiving (they really are best after resting in the refrigerator for at  least a week - if you  can resist the temptation), but on this most recent family round, my brother ate ALL of them and there were no fruitcake cookies for me to enjoy on Christmas or the ensuing Boxing Day blizzard! So begins the story of Blizzard 2010 (aka Disaster at work the next day 2010). I walked a half a block to the movie store and walked into the door looking like the Abominable Snowman.  I got in a snowball fight with my doorman. I almost made snow angels on Second Avenue - I was too excited about my cookies BUT I'll be sure to do that next time. On to the important stuff! Glass of wine, Donny Hathaway Holiday Pandora radio, and mise en place for fruitcake cookie components.

Now, unfortunately, I cannot disclose the recipe - or I'd have to kill you. But you do get to see the components and the final product! These cookies look festive, taste festive (smell festive while baking) and are really just outrageously delicious.  

Fruitcake Cookies
Standard cookie batter base
Red & Green glaceed cherries, chopped
Roasted pineapple slices, chopped
Dates, chopped
Pecans, walnuts, and almonds, chopped
Holiday Cheer

Dates & technicolor cherries! I unfortunately had no pineapple, but just as good.



plus some other necessary cookie batter components.
And then the fun part - mixing it all together and still being astounded that all those fruits and nuts can fit into the batter!
This secret mixture needs to take a little nap in the fridge before you cook it - another temptation to resist! The BATTER is good. Dear Cookies: why must you be unhealthy?

Ready for the oven!

Finally. A bite of heaven. And yes, I did say you have to let them rest for a week, but as a chef, you have to taste as you go along. Just to make sure everything is okay. I had to sample a couple actually just to triple check!

yum. that's all fruit, it has to be healthy!
And now these little nuggets of goodness are hibernating in my refrigerator.  If I just keep the door closed, it shouldn't be much of a problem, correct? If you're lucky, you may get to try these at some point (come over in a week?). The recipe will forever remain a family secret! Although, you can get fruitcake cookie recipes online, they are not the same. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Amanda said…
David brought these into the office today and they are DELICIOUS!! Love, love, love them. They get the big thumbs up from me!
I was mildly concerned he was going to eat them all and not share...Glad you enjoyed them!

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