dinosaur eggs!

I kid, I kid.  But they look like dinosaur eggs, right? Maybe? Ok, fine. Chia seeds...they seem to be all the rage don't they?! Poppin' up all over the place, making waves in the health world, adding a bit of zest to the cooking world...looking like miniature dinosaur eggs.  But WAIT, these guys have popular for MUCH longer than the past year or so.

mini. dino. eggs.
Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! Yeah, you heard me.  Before we realized how scrumptious and healthy these little guys were, we were wasting them to grow plant hair on random terra cotta planters. A la Rabbit of Seville. 

my brother has had this serigraph in his room since we were babes. LOVE it.
Meanwhile, the Aztecs have been chowin' down, NOT having all fun and games.  They're packed with Omega-3's, ALA (alpha linoleic acid), and protein.  Furthermore, these little guys are hydrophilic (so am I?), and they drink up water like a cactus in the desert.  That being said, they were also a necessary element in the olden days diet because they could make the eater feel sufficiently full, even with a small amount of chia seeds in the mix.  Facts and history aside, these seeds are DELICIOUS.  You've probably seen them around town, potentially in GT's Kombucha.  

Courtesy www.synergydrinks.com

At a trip to Organic Avenue, I noticed that they had chia seed 'tapioca pudding'.  WHAT! I must make this.  And off I went! Upon first inspection, I was a bit perplexed, but after realizing the seeds' hydrophilic properties, it all made sense.  And by sense, I mean I was able to make an absolutely delicious, filling, and fun dessert that is super healthy for you and just about as easy as picking an apple off a tree.  On we go!

Chia Seed Pudding
1-2 servings, depending how excited/hungry you are
1/4 c chia seeds
1 cup almond milk, unsweetened vanilla or otherwise
Flavor options - pick one, or get creative:
- 2 drops cardamom oil (or ground cardamom!)
- 1/2 t ground cinnamon
- 1 T cacao powder
- 1 t vanilla
- How about some coconut milk? Shredded unsweetened coconut?

The options are endless - so get down and experiment! You won't be let down - I promise.  The process is easy.  Mix together the seeds, almond milk, and whatever flavoring you choose until combined.  Place in the refrigerator and let the seeds soak up the liquid - you can chow as soon as 30 minutes later, or let it sit overnight for the next day.  

Seriously? That easy, and still delicious? There's got to be some kind of catch - but alas, there is not!

You can recreate the delicious flavors in rice puddings of Greece, the kulfi of India, and the gullac of Turkey - just to name a few! And they won't wreak havoc on your body like the aforementioned may.  The texture of this dessert is great as well, with a bit of crunch from the seeds - you really can't beat it!  Get cracking and enjoy this super healthy dessert!


Who would have thought something corny in the 80s would have been healthy in the 2000s. May have to try this out, because I've heard so much about them.

Ain't that the truth! It really is a delicious little treat to have around, guilt free!
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